What is Swede Fest?

Swede Fest is a film festival for sweded films!  A sweded film is a low-budget, summarized, recreation of a popular Hollywood movie or TV show. 

Swede Fest was launched in Summer 2008 in Fresno, California, by Roque Rodriguez and Bryan Harley. Swede Fest is the only film festival dedicated to sweded movies and it’s a great way to promote filmmaking in your community. Anyone can make a swede, it’s easy and a lot of fun!


International sweding contest with #XpoCreates

Swede Fest’s Roque and Bryan are the judges for an international sweded filmmaking contest happening all this week as part of Scotland’s XpoNorth conference. You can participate and maybe even[…]

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How to watch Swede Fest 20!

Update 2020/12/12: … and that’s a wrap on Swede Fest 20! Thank you to all the swede-makers who submitted films from all over the world. Between Facebook and YouTube, we[…]

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Swede Fest 20 – Call for Entries!

With movie theaters closed, that means we have to improvise! This year the idea of creating your own entertainment only amplifies the true spirit of sweding. A “sweded” film, of[…]

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