Swede Fest 9

May 24, 2012
7 p.m.

Sierra Vista Cinemas 16
1300 Shaw Avenue
Clovis, California


Back to the Future Part II by Kyle Lowe
The Matrix by Evan Wade
Iron Man by John Cairns
The Walking Dead by Ryan Ramos & Kevin Searcy
The Exorcist by Michael Banti
The Avengers by Dumb Drum
District 9 by Leon Clifford
The Hunger Games by Girl Scouts Troop 45
The Blues Brothers by Alexander Kodisch
Armageddon by Brendan Fantz & Greg Schoenwald

The Sixth Sense by Trevor Cameron, Colin Felger, Carter Dana, Traci Arbios
Moon by John-Mark Bergen
Gladiator by Brandon Christison
Lost Highway by Vince Cosentino
Little Shop of Horrors by Enio Gaud
The Ring by John Cairns
Best in Show by Brandon Nimon
Wanted by Mike Troup
No Country for Old Men by Daniel Pena
The Hunger Games by John Rios (bloopers)