Swede Fest 7

Saturday, May 14, 2011
5 p.m.

Full Circle Brewing Co.
620 F Street (map)
Fresno, CA

Kill Bill by John Rios
Bullit by Michael Banti
Clerks. by Kevin Searcy
Network by Vince Cosentino
Wayne’s World by Anoush Ekparian
Top Gun by Carrera & Vasquez Families
Tron Legacy by Pink House & Friends
The Empire Strikes Back by Quintin & Victoria Alvidrez
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World by Heather McLane & James McLane
The Sixth Sense by Leon Clifford
Saw by Craig Kohlruss
Silence of the Lambs by Jaime Holt & Josh Tehee
The Goonies by Ornitorrincs
The Neverending Story by Adam Chang
Anchorman by Dumb Drum
Kill Bill Vol. 2 by Kate Penix
District 9 by Brad Hermann
Pee Wee’s Big Adventure by John Esquivel
Night of the Living Dead by Dirty City Studios
The Three Amigos by Kyvon Brown, JJ Tamariz, Garett Avelar
The Nightmare Before Christmas by Taylor Brechmann
Home Alone by Jeremy Harmon
Faster by Karampreet Brar
Inception by Kaleb Nekumanesh
Star Wars by Daniel Lee, Nick Ryan, Charlie Her
Napoleon Dynamite by Cam Andreas