Submit to the Fresno Sweded Film Festival

First off, thanks for your interest in making a sweded film! To make sure your submission process goes quickly, we recommend submitting a video file (almost any format will work) in the highest quality possible. You can use a free file sharing service like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc, to upload your video file then email us a link to download it at

If you have any questions, please allow ample time before the submission deadline and contact us at Thanks! We look forward to seeing your awesome creation!

The Rules

• Keep it under 4 minutes.

• Keep it friendly for all ages. You can swede R-rated movies like “Pulp Fiction,” just find creative ways to get around things like violence, adult language and nekkidness.

• Embrace the amateur nature of sweding… opt to use objects you have around the house rather than spending a lot of money. The real creative genius comes from how your personality and sense of humor shine through. Make these films your own and have fun!

• Submissions for Swede Fest 19 are due by Sunday, December 8 at 11:59pm.

• If you have any questions, send us an email at

Want to submit to the Tampa or Palm Beach Sweded Film Festivals?

Please reach out to them via and Thanks! Happy sweding!