Author: Roque

Call for entries for Swede Fest 13, festival set for May 17th

Swede-02-01Swede Fest 13 is coming on Saturday, May 17th and will be returning to Tower Theatre so you know what that means: it’s time for the gears in your head to start turning to generate some swede-tastically awesome ideas! Grab your friends and family, browse your DVD or Netflix library, start collecting cardboard boxes from your nearest dumpster, because before you know it Swede Fest 13 will be upon us!

The deadline for entries is Monday, May 12 at 11:59 p.m but there’s no time like the present to start your creative process.  Like always, will we screen the first 20 entries we receive.  So don’t be shy about turning in your entry early!  Time limit is still 4 minutes and your entry must be suitable for all ages. It’s free to submit and everyone of all ages is encouraged to swede their favorite films. Although it’s not required, we like to hear from people who are planning to submit so we can start planning out the program so if you are going to create one, drop us an email at to give us a heads up and also let us know what you’re sweding!

If you need some inspiration, feel free to visit our library of past entries right here and the ideas will be flowing in no time! If you have any questions, please email us at

Happy sweding!…

Swede Fest 12 wrap-up

SF12_OverheadAnd just like that again, another Swede Fest has passed. Yes, people packed out the Tower Theatre last Saturday evening and had a great time watching 19 entries coming from as far away as China & Tampa Bay for Swede Fest 12. According to conservative estimates, the crowd was the biggest ever and shows how awesome of a community we have here in Fresno to support something like Swede Fest. If you missed it, you can check out all the entries here.

Everyone over here at Swede Fest would like to thank everyone who submitted and entry because without you, this festival would simply not exist. Be sure to head on over to the Fresno Beehive to check out their just released list of “winners” of their coveted Swedies.

To all our sponsors that make it possible for us to have the event at such a cool location, all our greatest love & admiration. Gotta Love Fresno, Fresno Filmworks & the Tower Theatre: without your help this event would not be what it is today, thank you so much.

Our volunteers: without you, the event would not run so smoothly so thanks to Erika, Yvonne, Tanya, Thong & Michael. And for people that have been asking, the awesome poster design was done by John Rios, much props to him for being one of the most awesome human beings on earth. And if you are interested in volunteering and helping Swede Fest become cooler, please drop us an email at and we’ll get in touch.

Thanks again and be sure to start thinking about YOUR entry for Swede Fest 13, coming in 2014.…