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Swede Fest 9 poster revealed, still accepting entries

As the date draws closer, we wanted to remind you all that you still ave plenty of time to produce your entry for Swede Fest 9, which goes down Thursday, May 24th at 7pm. The deadline to enter is still May 20th so get cracking, you still got time just get the team together and start creating! We also want to take this chance to premier our poster design for the festival and if you have eyeballs, you can see it up there. Designed by Kirk James, it continues our tradition of getting fresh designers working on our promotional materials. Keep an eye around town for the flyers and be sure to help spread the word on the festival. We will be announcing more cool stuff leading up to the event (including pre & after party plans) but in the mean time, just concentrate on making an entry. Thursday, May 24th is going to be AWESOME!…

We need your entries!
Swede Fest 9 details announced

Swede Fest has taken on a life of it’s own the past few months but we haven’t forgot about where it all started! Central Valley ALL DAY!! And with that, we’re extremely happy to announce Swede Fest 9, coming Thursday, May 24th at 7 p.m. Now I know what you’re thinking? “Thursday?!” Well there’s a very good reason for changing it up this time as Swede Fest 9 will be taking place within the holy sanctum that is an actual movie theater!  That’s right, with a generous sponsorship from the fine folks over at GottaLoveFresno.com, the event will be taking place at Sierra Vista Cinemas 16 in Clovis and the price for entry will remain the same: FREE FOR ALL AGES! We’re so excited over here at Dumb Drum and we’ll be announcing more details soon. But for now we ask that you pencil in the date in your calendar and spread the word!


Swede Fest wouldn’t be as entertaining without your entry and don’t you want the opportunity to see your film with your friends & family on the big screen? Of course you do! The deadline for entries is Sunday, May 20th at 11:59 pm. Because of time constraints, we will again only be accepting the first 20 entries, so get started on your film and get it to us ASAP! As usual, the time limit for entries is 4 minutes, it must be suitable for all ages and contain no content that violates any laws. Film enthusiasts of all ages are encouraged to swede their favorite films and it is free to submit. If you have any further questions or if you have a film you want to enter, please email us at info@swedefest.com and we will guide you on how …