Swede Fest X date & venue announced

I was leaving Corridor 2122 back in August of 2008 feeling pretty good that 30+ people had shown up for our fledgling little film festival. No one knew what was going to happen or what to expect but people came and that was a pretty awesome feeling. I knew at that point that we had something special with Swede Fest and we had to keep doing it, if at very least to see what would happen. What happened is that we kept growing. And growing. And growing. Here we are, 4 years later and we’ve reached double digits and that calls for a little celebration, methinks. And here’s the first little bit: We’re happy to announce that the historic Tower Theatre will be the site of Swede Fest X! This event is sponsored by Gotta Love Fresno, ABC30,¬†Fresno Filmworks and The Tower Theatre and will remain FREE FOR ALL AGES! It will go down on Sunday, November 11th with doors opening at 6pm so please help spread the word so we can pack out the place for the Fresno original. We have a bunch of cool stuff planned for this event which we will be announcing at future dates, including our poster reveal. In the mean time, I hope you guys are working on your entries because that November 5th deadline is right around the corner. If you want to see your film on the big screen at the Tower Theatre, you better get it in soon!¬† If you have any questions, please email us at info@swedefest.com but in the mean time, GET SWEDING!

Swede Fest 9 poster revealed, still accepting entries

As the date draws closer, we wanted to remind you all that you still ave plenty of time to produce your entry for Swede Fest 9, which goes down Thursday, May 24th at 7pm. The deadline to enter is still May 20th so get cracking, you still got time just get the team together and start creating! We also want to take this chance to premier our poster design for the festival and if you have eyeballs, you can see it up there. Designed by Kirk James, it continues our tradition of getting fresh designers working on our promotional materials. Keep an eye around town for the flyers and be sure to help spread the word on the festival. We will be announcing more cool stuff leading up to the event (including pre & after party plans) but in the mean time, just concentrate on making an entry. Thursday, May 24th is going to be AWESOME!